Sunday, January 1, 2012

Announcing the Sabin Howard Sculpture Blog

Happy New Year, and I look forward to sharing my studio with you with this blog....

Regarding the current sad state of affairs in the art world...

When something that is sacred is debased by groups of lower consciousness and falsely defined to suite their agenda, a pervasive disease squelches the whole system. 

I taught at the graduate level for 20 years and listened to the BS that came from lesser artists. After being out of the schools and the gallery system now for 10 years, and having built a powerful following, I can tell the truth because of my expertise. The gallery and haut monde art system as it is now blocks truth. It shrinks visibility and opportunity. 

Ultimately this takes money off the table that otherwise would go to my family and well being. 

Knowing this I have assembled a powerful contingent that can back me up. In terms of teaching in an institution, I can not make a living in the current system, and no gallery of worth will have me. So there is only one option: Strike out on my own. Set my own goals and standards for others to follow. 

Critics are listening and taking notice. I must add that there is more than technique involved here... I have a deeper understanding of what Classicism stands for because of the vocabulary that I have learned from my wife Traci L. Slatton. The concepts and underlying structural designs that I use are not present in photorealism or the new "french academy" schools that have sprung up. 

This art spirit and vitality manifested through a classical form is timeless and modern. It is shockingly beautiful. It carries tremendous presence. 

It is now time after 30 years of my own creation in my studio to make it visible as the next paradigm. There are no excuses for the sad current worthless crap! :-)


  1. I am not to familiar with the politics in the art worl today as I am new to figurative art sculpture . I do know that I like the work you are doing and look to Accomplished Artist for guidence and Inspiration.

  2. Sabin, I am really excited that you have decided to do this blog. It will be great and I will check in regularly to see what you have been working on and thinking about. It will definitely be number one one my list of sites to visit.
    I am a big fan of your sculpture and talent.
    Steve Budge

  3. Interested in watching the development of this blog...exciting project...cheers to its beginning.
    Lee Hutt

  4. Sabin, Happy New Year! It's refreshing to know a man who lives with such purpose! A generous man, one who is thoughtful enough to give back through the gifts bestowed upon him. As a dear friend, I truly believe the course of your life has been designed by a divine nature. Your foundation has been set because it's been predetermined. Your merely being obedient to your cause, and perusing your destiny with a gusto unlike any artist available. The difference maker is your work ethic. Your willing to put the necessary work in to achieve such a feat. And it's a joy to watch you grow each year as you draw near. The best is yet to come my friend. Continue to provide the persistence which has placed you where you are today, and have peace in knowing that great grace is upon you.